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AVAILABLE PUPPIES - As of 1/29/2024

Lydia and Lance's Litter born on 1/29/24

(4) Males Available

Puppy price - $800.00

Leah and Jake's Litter born 12/31/2023

(8) Males and (5) Females

*Deposits have been accepted on (1) Male and (3) Females

Puppy Price $1200.00

Deposit is $200.00 and is applied towards total puppy price

Picks of the litter are done in order based on when deposits are placed

Please scroll down to see photos of puppies from both litters


Lydia and Lance's Puppies Born 11/1/23

Lydia w_ name.png
G 2.jpg
Bla 2.jpg
Blu 2.jpg
Bla 3.jpg
Blu 3.jpg

Leah and Jake's Litter Born 12/31/2023

Leah Tan Girl.JPG
Leah Teal Girl.JPG
Leah Purple Girl.JPG
Leah Pink Girl.JPG
Leah Lavendar Girl.JPG
Leah Yellow Boy.JPG
Leah Red Boy.JPG
Leah Orange Boy.JPG
Leah Light Blue Boy.JPG
Leah Green Boy.JPG
Leah Dark Blue Boy.JPG
Leah Brown Boy.JPG
Leah Black Boy.JPG
Leah Tan Girl 2.JPG
Leah Teal Girl 2.JPG
Leah Purple Girl 2.JPG
Leah Pink Girl 3.JPG
Leah Lavendar Girl 2.JPG
Leah Yellow Boy 2.JPG
Leah Red Boy 2.JPG
Leah Orange Boy 2.JPG
Leah Light Blue Boy 2.JPG
Leah Green Boy 2.JPG
Leah Dark Blue Boy 2.JPG
Leah Brown Boy 2.JPG
Leah Tan Girl 3.JPG
Leah Teal Girl 3.JPG
Leah Purple Girl 3.JPG
Leah Pink Girl 2.JPG
Leah Lavendar Girl 3.JPG
Leah Yellow Boy 3.JPG
Leah Red Boy 3.JPG
Leah Orange Boy 3.JPG
Leah Light Blue Boy 3.JPG
Leah Green Boy 3.JPG
Leah Dark Blue Boy 3.JPG
Leah Brown Boy 3.JPG
Leah Black Boy 2.JPG
Leah Black Boy 3.JPG

**We are currently working to update our website**

There will be pictures posted here of available puppies.

Please contact us at 704-692-8729 if you are interested in a puppy from this expected litter and you can't view them and we can send pictures to you

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work on updating our site :)

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